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In order to best design a custom package for your specific interests for a holiday that includes the hospitality of Santa Juana Lodge and Tours, we have included a questionnaire you can consider answering to see what works for you. Since we are part of Greentique Hotels, we have the ability to include many added values incentives, including a complete stay with us here in Costa Rica that can include our other Greentique properties, transportation, and optional adventure and educational guided tour experiences.


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How long are you planning to visit CR?

Is this your first visit to CR?

How did you find out about us?

How much time would you like to stay in S.J.?

Do you want to include beaches in your Itinerary?

Do you want to include Mountains/Cloud Forests?

Are your traveling with your family?

How many children and their ages?

Do you want to rent a car or use shuttle services or local air?

Do you have any particular needs, such as wheelchair access or health limitations?


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