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Santa Juana lies between the towns of Quepos, the Canton de Aguirre, and Los Santos, the Canton of Terrazu, at an elevation of 500m above sea level. The population, as of Sept. 2014, is ?? , Including 5 students in the local primary school. There is a small chapel of Catholic origin, and a water storage system that support the entire community by gravity from natural mountain streams. The school has a community center and field for sport activities as well as and ICE satellite dish providing the only public pay phone and Internet for the school itself. There is Cell Range in parts of the village as well as the Lodge itself.

Village Volunteer Committees

  1. The Church Committee cares for the chapel and garden maintenance and services are provided by a local deacon and the     pastor from Quepos who visits periodically.
  2. The Water Committee cares for the tubing and storage tanks and collects the water meter revenue, on behalf of the regional water program (ASADA de Santa Juana) from each registered meters provided. The source of the water is gravity fed from the natural mountain springs protected by the project.
  3. The Road Committee has quite the challenge working with the local Municipality of the Canton of Aquirre (including Quepos) to keep the roads open with preventative maintenance and provide road signage.
  4. The School Committee is made up of parents of the registered students  and their teacher provided by the Ministry of Education. The committee provides lodging for the teacher within the same premises, as well as the community center and student meals and care for the one-room schoolhouse, playground, and landscape.
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