Each split-level Cabina is 65m2 (650 Sq Ft) with high vaulted ceilings and panoramic terraces overlooking the National Park and coastline of Manuel Antonio.  The units are located on natural hillside terraces leading up to El Mirador restaurant and the Lodge Reception area. In order to conserve precious hardwoods, over 85% of the lumber utilized came from farm grown Melina, Teak and Pine products.  Included is a king bed and two sofa couches, kitchenette, and bathroom with spacious slate shower. Amenities include three functional ceiling fans, refrigerator, stove with range, microwave and coffee maker plus DVD movie library. Adjacent to the cabinas on the top of the hill is the “El Mirador” Restaurante and Reception with a the Meal Plan Menu included of Campesino recipes as well as separate “open” menu selection priced accordingly and opened daily from 6:30 am until 8:30 pm. 


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