A Rustic Mountain Retreat

Experience the adventure of rural life at Greentique Hotels’ new Santa Juana Lodge in the Central Pacific.

Authentic Costa Rica in Total Comfort

Amidst lush mountain landscapes and the rhythm of rural life is a sanctuary of style and comfort.

“Pura Vida” = “The Pure Joy of Life.”

At the cross roads of the Americas is a land of peace and natural wonder, where good-natured hospitality comes naturally.

Santa Juana’s Agro-Rural Culture

Experience the “magic of nature” with the Santa Juana Rural Mountain Adventure... our highest rated tour!.

Panoramic Landscapes

Take in the rustic village landscape and panoramic vistas of the Fila Chonta Mountain range and blue Pacific coastlines from every vantage point!

Santa Juana Rural Mountain Adventure Lodge & Nature Reserve

Created to immerse our guests in an authentic Costa Rica rural mountain experience, Santa Juana Lodge takes you back to a simpler time, far from the stressful life of the modern world. Life in the jungle-covered slopes of the Central Pacific Mountains revolves around an agricultural tradition and the simple adventures of hiking, waterfall swimming, and exploring the nature reserve.

This is an exclusive retreat, with beautifully appointed, freestanding cabins along the crest of a hillside ridge, each with panoramic views of the Pacific Mountain Wet Forest against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean spanning the horizon. Santa Juana is staffed by residents of the tiny Pueblo of Santa Juana. You’ll delight in their hospitality, enjoy delicious local food prepared in the traditional ways of the Costa Rican campesinos, and drink deeply of that most elusive commodity in our busy, hectic world — genuine relaxation.


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